Fashion Drapes


In the country of versatility, we have not only excelled in the field of academics or technology but also have brought around a huge revolution with the sense of fashion. Your city is no less in displaying the newest trend, availing stocks of fashion apparel, showcasing attractive designs and organizing top-notch fashion events, when compared to the metropolitan cities in India. The out-of-box thinking is what has created a niche for the designers all around India. We are not afraid to take a risk and experiment with the extraordinary while dabbling in both classic and western styles. The city fashion resonates a happy-go-lucky, positive vibe while accentuating the timeless elegance of the classy apparel. Now the city has opened its gate for one of the best linen brands, Linen Vogue la classe with an exclusive collection of linen. A lifestyle store stocked with Ready-to-stitch Suite pieces, Stole, Gifts Box, and Giz Cotton fabric under the label Giza Classe with an option of custom tailoring.